Titanium Legal Services offers one of the fastest service times in the industry!

For over a decade, Titanium Legal Services has been the preeminent server of legal documents in the Northwest.  For Process Service, Courier Services and Eviction Services you can depend on TITANIUM.

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About Titanium Legal

Titanium Legal Services, Inc. began as a process service-only company two decades ago, and has branched out to become the preeminent server of legal documents in the Northwest.

In addition to Process Serving, our services include: 

     Private Investigation Services
     Courier Services 
     Landlord Evictions Services, and 
     Document Retrieval Services.

Our mission is to maximize our clients’ bottom line by providing high quality legal services tailored to meet their needs. Titanium Legal delivers legal and other documents sooner, more efficiently and cost effectively to the legal and professional industries.

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At Titanium Legal Services, our expertise gives you peace of mind. 

Our goal is to provide the most value-added, schedule driven services in our industry. 

We have the knowledge, qualifications and an experienced team of individuals to handle your requests.

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