Titanium Legal Services offers one of the fastest service times in the industry!

For over a decade, Titanium Legal Services has been the preeminent server of legal documents in the Northwest.  For Process Service, Courier Services and Eviction Services you can depend on TITANIUM.

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Courier Services

Fast, Professional, License & Bonded Delivery Services

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At Titanium Legal, we make sure your documents get to where they need to go - On time!

Courier services are crucial to businesses of all sizes in and around Oregon. Going far beyond taking material from point A to point B, customer satisfaction is at the heart of Titanium Legal Services' mission. 

We offer both phone, online, and email ordering. Upon request, you can have your proof of delivery (POD) e-mailed directly to you within 24 hours after delivery. We also use the latest communications technologies to ensure that we maintain instant contact with all of our couriers, furnishing each of them with a cell phone and a GPS-equipped vehicle.

The Titanium Difference!

Professional Standards of Conduct

Titanium Legal Services adheres to the strictest standards of professionalism. In fact, the Better Business Bureau rates Titanium Legal Services with an A+, the highest rating.

Additionally, Titanium Legal Services employs one of the most highly qualified, dedicated teams in the industry. From administrative to upper management, all employees must pass a rigorous background check before being hired.

Titanium's Legal Services' dedicated team keeps you totally informed throughout the process and is always available to quickly resolve any issues or address any of your questions. 


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Courier Services

At Titanium Legal Services, our expertise gives you peace of mind. 

Our goal is to provide the most value-added, schedule driven services in our industry. 

We have the knowledge, qualifications and an experienced team of individuals to handle your requests.

The Titanium Difference!