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Landlord Services

Landlord Services

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Titanium Legal Services partners with property management groups, rental owners and landlords to assist them with all of their legal service needs. Whether you need help delivering notices or require a more complex service, such as an eviction proceeding, we can offer you  affordable, high quality services to insure your next case will go smoothly.

Please continue to the Services We Offer Landlords' section below for a complete listing of our landlord services.

Services We Offer Landlords

Following is a listing of services we can provide you with:

Notice Delivery - Our team is able to deliver all of your notices to tenants in our immediate coverage area. Our fee includes printing, preparation, delivery to tenants and second copy mailing costs. 

Document Prep - We are able to create customized FED and Small Claims' filings for you via a secure, online, interactive portal. Our fee includes preparation of your case and printing - or a digital copy sent back for filing. 

Court Filing - With Titanium Legal Services, you don’t ever have to wait in line at court to file your evictions, restitutions, writs of execution or small claims again. Choosing either a monthly or contingency based rate, our team is able to pick up, advance filing fees, and get your next case filed the same day within our immediate coverage area. Same-day filing is included at no additional cost if we are hired to serve the documents on the tenants.

Process Service - You can trust that Titanium Legal Services can get your case served quickly and will save you time and money as well as provide you with added peace of mind during what could be a stressful circumstance. Our team is capable of handling any size job with the care and vigilance that they require. 

Full Service Evictions - Our eviction specialists are able to see your next eviction through from the initial filing stage to personal representation at the first court appearance. We can also coordinate the next steps after a judgment or a stipulated agreement has been entered. Let Titanium Legal Services be your personal advocate during eviction proceedings. 

Property Status Inspections - Our team is able to drive by your homes to check for a variety of conditions such as: unapproved pets, unapproved tenants, vacancies, landscape, maintenance & structural conditions and to obtain property pictures for leasing purposes. Our fee is dependent upon the scope and involvement of work, as well as where the property’s address is located.

Full Service Areas we cover:

Portland Metro Area

Salem and Vicinity

Eugene/Springfield Metro Area

Roseburg and Vicinity

Bend and Vicinity

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Professional Standards of Conduct

Titanium Legal Services adheres to the strictest standards of professionalism. In fact, the Better Business Bureau rates Titanium Legal Services with an A+, the highest rating.

Additionally, Titanium Legal Services employs one of the most highly qualified, dedicated teams in the industry. From administrative to upper management, all employees must pass a rigorous background check before being hired.

Titanium's Legal Services' dedicated team keeps you totally informed throughout the process and is always available to quickly resolve any issues or address any of your questions. 


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